Learning log update Friday 29th September

Hi all,

Big thanks for all of the very kind donations for our Harvest Festival celebrations this week - all of the food is going to homeless people all around the city so it's for a very worthy cause!

In literacy this week, we have been creating our very own World War 2 poems in celebration of National Poetry Day yesterday. The children have been watching and listening to WW2 footage (suitable for children) and have written effective noun phrases and similes. They have also enjoyed listening to a variety of poetry, including Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen.

Maths has been all about additions and subtractions using mental methods - which is also our homework this week. Using mental methods have been really good for speeding up recall and using known number facts to help. We can begin using more formal methods written down next week for trickier numbers.

Science last week saw us 'experimenting' with magnets and finding out what is and isn't magnetic in the classroom. Her…

Welcome back!

Hi everyone! Good to be back for the Autumn term and into the swing of learning and having fun in the classroom.

The brand-spanking new 3MW have been getting to grips with place value work in maths - this is all about the importance of counting, ordering and comparing numbers, as well as understanding the value of each digit in a 2/3 digit number. This will really help when looking at calculations in the next few weeks. Speaking of calculations, I plan to set maths homework every Friday and would like it back in the following Thursday!

I’m so excited to be teaching WWII as our ‘tell the world’ topic this term. It’s a chance for the children to step back in time and really imagine and experience what it was like for children living in Wartime Britain. There’s some amazing and creative homework tasks for you to work together on in the learning logs.

Just some housekeeping notes - PE is on a Tuesday which is the same day as home reading books are changed. Please make sure both are availa…

Singing Day 2017

Lots of singing fun was had last week at Hull City Hall for the annual Singing Day celebration. We had learnt lots of new but historic Hull songs about trawlers, their families and the dangers of the job. We also sang some songs from different cultures as well which made for a very eclectic mix. The children did very well learning song words so big thanks to adults who helped them!
Here is a link to one Hull song - We Love Hull,, and this song from Senegal which I found very calming!

Joe Wicks live school workout June 2017

We really enjoyed having a mid-morning brain break by doing a good all-over workout with Joe Wicks - The Body Coach! He had all the children laughing before we started as he was working out with his nephew Oscar. Exercise is so important and can keep the brain active and ready for lots of learning!
The Body Coach's Youtube channel is here.

Music day 2017 5th June 2017

The whole school really enjoyed dedicating a day to learning about famous composers and their music,especially 3MW, who listened to a piece of music by the composer Edvard Grieg ( called "in the Hall of the Mountain King". ( They wrote down their feelings, thoughts and opinions on the piece of music and learnt a little bit about the elements of music; things like tempo, mood and volume. Next, they created a piece of artwork inspired by the music.  Afterwards, they performed some on-the-spot movements to the music. It was a great afternoon of creative expression!

Spellings week ending 9th June

Hi all,
Going to try to publish spellings paperless-ly every week in order to save a few trees!

These spellings all involve the prefix mis- meaning wrong or false and co- meaning together or joint.


If you DO need a paper copy please don't hesitate to let me know!


Mr. Woods

Fruity fun!

3MW thoroughly enjoyed designing, producing and selling their very own fruity snacks this morning at tuck shop.
These included cherries and berries smoothies, kicking kiwi drinks and mixed fruit kebabs! They combined DT, healthy eating/science and enterprise skills while having lots of fun AND all for a great cause - the STAND trawler charity. 
Today alone, 3MW raised over £20 in the 15 minute playtime!
Well done everyone involved and thank you for the support Sutton Park Primary!